How to operate your business with no risk at all?

4-Easy-Step to operate:

  1. DSBNS provides a Price List and you list items on platforms like Website, Amazon, eBay…etc
  2. Your Customer purchased an item and paid you directly
  3. You provide the order information including your customer’s shipping address to DSBNS
  4. DSBNS handles the delivery – ship out the order by Express Shipment in 1 business day

Drop-shipping Advantages:

Shop as usual

Excellent shopping experience. You may list and sell items on any platforms like website, eBay, Amazon..etc. Once the order comes, ALL you have to do, is just directly contact DSBNS and provide related information such as Item and Customer’s information with the Payment proof; DSBNS will ship out the order within 1 business day. Moreover, Tracking Number will be provided once the item is shipped, your customer may trace the shipment at anytime.

Express Delivery

Time is money. ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is the KEY of an order. DSBNS has a great communication with the couriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS…etc. Average ETA is around 2 business days for most of the countries include the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam…etc

Awesome Feedback

Feedbacks are important! DSBNS handles the Inventory and the Shipments for you; and you have more than enough time to handle your customers’ inquires and orders. A good communication gains a good feedback, it’s easy to get more awesome feedbacks to gain more orders.

Business Volume

Unlimited business volume. As you do not need to keep the stocks, you may just order from DSBNS once your order comes; thus you may collect more and more orders. List and sell more orders, we will handle the rest for you; feel free to sell as many as you can!

Easy Control

Totally easy to control your business. A drop shipping business can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with DSBNS, you can run and manage your business easily. In fact, many successful drop shipping businesses are run from a home office with a laptop or even a mobile device only.

Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service. You may always contact DSBNS Customer Service by phones or emails; DSBNS Customer Service Specialists will always stand by. We may also share our experiences about listing on eBay, Amazon or website about sales technique and marketing strategy.

You are Protected!

    Inventory Protection

    You do not need to keep stocks or own any inventory. You will just have to order from DSBNS AFTER your listing is sold.

    Payment Protection

    You will have to order from DSBNS AFTER your customer paid the order; means you do not need to pay in advance.

    Shipment Protection

    All of the shipments will be handled by official couriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, Royal Mail…etc
    Tracking number will be provided once the item is shipped; you and your customer can trace the shipment at any time.


The price list we provided contains around 1000+ items, including a selling price. For example, Canon EOS M3 Digital Camera US$400; means we are selling the Camera to you at $400 + shipping fee (Shipping Fee is around $30 per 1KG; depends on your customer’s destination –¬†more details will be shown on the price list).

Once you get the price list, you can list the product on the platform(s) you registered like eBay, Amazon, your own website…etc. You may list any price higher than $400 for example $480.

After your listing is sold, your customer will pay you the listing amount i.e. $480; and you may contact DSBNS and let us know which item you sold. And you will have to pay us $400 + Shipping Fee e.g. $30

DSBNS will ship out the item within 1 business day; and the item will be delivered to your customer in around 2 business days.

Real Case:

Item: Nikon D7100 Digital SLR Cameras Body

DSBNS-Amazon Price

Amazon Price: US$696.95 / DSBNS Price: US$550.00

Our client listed the item on different platforms at $650 (including shipping fee)
And there were customers from different countries purchased from him; including Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia…etc
DSBNS shipped out all the orders; and the delivery time was just around 2 days!

DSBNS-Saudi ArabiaDSBNS-MalaysiaDSBNS-Vietnam

Please note, the client lives in United Kingdom; but he runs the business all around the world with DSBNS!

That’s it! It’s just a simple way to operate your business!

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